Fortnite all Peely skins and how to get (2023)

Most people have a favourite outfit or skin to use in Fortnite, but not many are as popular as Fortnite Peely. This human-sized banana has been around since Chapter 1 with the release of Season 8, and has appeared in numerous major Fortnite story and live events, alongside other hugely popular characters like Jonesy.

While Peely isn’t one of the reasons alone why Fortnite typically appears on the best battle royale games list, he’s certainly a staple in Epic Games’ popular free-to-play game, as well as being a big part of the community. So, when you’re next thinking about landing at one of the best Fortnite landing spots right now, it may be worth bringing in Peely with you.

Every Fortnite Peely skin and how to get

There arecurrently 10 versions of Peely available in Fortnite. Here’s every Fortnite Peely skin in the game right now:

  • Peely
  • P-1000
  • Peely Bone
  • Agent Peely
  • Unpeely
  • Potassius Peels
  • P33LY
  • Polar Peely
  • Toon Peely

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First seen in the Chapter 1 Season 8 Battle Pass, the standard Peely is no longer available to unlock. While there are plenty of versions that are still available to get, it’s a shame that new players can’t get the original Peely any more.

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The P-1000 is a variant of Peely that was made by Jonesy in a bunker after he turned the original Peely into a smoothie, and could only be unlocked by purchasing the P-1000 Challenge Pack. It’s very unlikely that this skin will ever return.

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Peely Bone

Peely Bone is a half-skeleton, half-banana version of the iconic character that appears in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. Due to his Halloween-inspired aesthetic, he usually returns to the shop when the Fortnite Halloween event, Fortnitemares, is happening.

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Agent Peely

Agent Peely has got a “licence to peel”, as this variant comes in a James Bond-inspired suit. He was available to unlock at the first tier of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass, and is unlikely to become available again.

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Unpeely is a variant of Peely without his peel, which the name implies. He is part of the Summer Legends Pack, which is a real-money pack that returns every summer for $15.99 / £12.99.

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Potassius Peels

Known originally by the community as Peelius Caesar, Potassius Peels is a coliseum-inspired version of the iconic banana that can be bought for 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop, where he regularly appears.

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P33LY is a variant of Peely that is tech-focused, sporting an all-black suit with yellow electronic eyes. He can be unlocked by purchasing the Tech Future Pack, a real-money bundle that can appear in the Item Shop for $17.99 / £15.99

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Polar Peely

Is it getting cold in here or is it just me? More likely, it’s the Frozen Series version of Peely, Polar Peely, that many players got for free during the Winterfest 2021 event. Since it was a free event skin, it is unlikely this frozen banana will return in the future.

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Toon Peely

Winning matches is all about staying in ‘toon’ with your instincts, and the Toon Peely skin will help you do that. Inspired by old cartoons, Toon Peely is available as part of the Inkville Gang Pack for 2,300 V-Bucks, when it appears in the Item Shop.

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KAWSPEELY is a collaboration between Epic Games and designer KAWS, injecting some of the KAWS-style designs into the beloved Peely. He is available for 1,200 V-Bucks whenever he appears in the Item Shop.

That’s every single Fortnite Peely version you can get in the game, with some being unfortunately locked unless Epic Games decide to re-release them in some way. Before you slip on a banana peel back into your next match, check out all of the Fortnite Augmentsright now.


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