How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (2023)

If you’ve ever driven for DoorDash or are considering giving it a try, then you’ll be a part of hundreds of thousands of couriers around the U.S.

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery gigs around, and is available in over 5,000 cities across North America

It’s also an excellent side hustle idea that definitely lets you earn more than a lot of other ways to make money, like answering paid surveys.

But, one of the most common questions I see about this delivery app is how much can you make a week doing DoorDash?

This makes sense…after all, you want to know what sort of earnings you can expect before trying a new gig job, and this is true for DoorDash and other delivery jobs.

So, if you’re curious how much you can earn a week with DoorDash, it’s time to answer that question for good.

Today, we’re going to be breaking down the data from real couriers and salary review websites to find out the most realistic earnings in one week worth of delivery driving for DoorDash!

Let’s dive in!

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How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash?

According to DoorDash pay data, Dashers earn $23 per hour on average across the United States. This means that you can make $920 per week with DoorDash on average if you spend 40 hours a week completing deliveries. However, your market, tips, and luck all influence your weekly earnings.

But before we jump to conclusions, it’s best to look at several DoorDash earning reports to get more data. The last thing you want to do is to look at just one weekly DoorDash pay report and think you’re going to make the same.

The truth is every market is different, and you can also boost how much you earn per hour with some DoorDash tips and tricks.

That being said, let’s dive into some data to figure out how much do you make a week with DoorDash.

How Much DoorDash Drivers Make a Week – According to Salary Data

One of the best ways to figure out DoorDash’s weekly earning potential is to see what various salary review websites say.

There are numerous reputable salary review websites that share DoorDash hourly pay:

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (1)

Let’s use DoorDash’s data of the $23 per hour earnings on average.

So, let’s say you work five days per week as a DoorDash courier and deliver for 40 hours in total. This works out to:

  • $184 per day
  • $920 per week in DoorDash earnings

Again, this assumes you work five days per week and deliver for eight hours.

This is the same as doing DoorDash full time, but of course, DoorDash is just a side job for most people.

If you only do a few hours of deliveries per week and treat DoorDash like a second job, you’re likely only making about $100 to $200 per week in DoorDash earnings.

Now, I recommend you take a look at the hourly averages in your state or to ask other DoorDash drivers you know about how much money they make per week.

If we’re looking at yearly salary for each source, I’ll save you some time and tell you that all of them were around $36-37k…again, assuming you deliver full-time.

The outlier DoorDash drivers are making close to $60,000 per year with these gig economy jobs. There’s definitely potential to make some serious cash here, but it will require full days of work.

(Video) How Much DoorDash Drivers Make In 2023? | DoorDash Driver Pay

Additionally, you basically have to work weekends and take Monday and Tuesday off instead since the weekends are some of the best times to do DoorDash because order volume is highest.

So, the bottom line is that DoorDash likely makes around $100 to $200 per week for part-time couriers and around $920 for full-time couriers based on DoorDash’s data of making $23 per hour on average.

What DoorDash Says

Unfortunately, DoorDash is somewhat secretive about how much they claim to pay their drivers.

The platform is transparent in terms of how earnings are calculated, and uses a formula of base pay + promotions + tips for determining how much you earn for deliveries.

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (2)

But, there isn’t a very clear-cut number for how much you can make each week doing DoorDash that’s advertised all over the corporate website.

However, we can still use certain screenshots that were found on the DoorDash website to gauge what the numbers seem to be around.

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (3)

According to the first screenshot, this delivery takes 40 minutes and pays $12.35. If we convert that money into an hourly wage, it comes out to around $18.50.

This number is already higher than the average hourly rates from other online sources.

However, once again, DoorDash data states that the average hourly wage is $23 per hour.

In the screenshot below, you can also see the current week is being paid out at $941.22.

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (4)

This would come out to $188 per day if you worked for 5 days and $134 if you worked all 7 days.

You can also see that other weeks show variable ranges between $600 and $900+ dollars.

Considering the fact that, in this example, $12 delivery takes 40 minutes, it’s pretty clear that you would be spending a lot of hours per day trying to reach these numbers.

In my opinion, you should take what DoorDash is saying with a grain of salt since they definitely want to incentivize more drivers to sign up.

That said, you can achieve these weekly DoorDash earning numbers, but you’re definitely looking at a lot of driving per week to earn close to $1,000.

What Real DoorDash Couriers Say

This is by far my favorite method for finding some realistic data on how much money DoorDash pays a week.

Real people with DoorDash experience will always win when trying to find the best averages because they are the boots on the ground…they can give honest feedback about how much they make per week doing DoorDash.

So, let’s take a look at some testimonials on Reddit, where the conversation about making money with DoorDash is very open…

This particular Reddit thread has lot of couriers sharing info about how much they make per week on average.

Here are some of the numbers:

(Video) DoorDash My First Day As A DASHER! | Can You Still Make Any 🤑 In 2023?

  • $120 in a week from about 5 hours of random DoorDashing.
  • $300-$400 working 7 days a week in a lower paying area. That was from working around 42 hours per week!
  • A user from Toronto, Canada was working 50 hour work weeks with DoorDash and made a solid $1000 after hustling downtown.

After seeing a bunch of different numbers, hours, and locations, it’s clear that the amount you can make driving for DoorDash every week is really based on your how much you work and the market you’re in, to an extent.

There were a lot of discussions in the comments about where people live. Some were claiming to make $400 in the same amount of hours that someone was making $900.

If you dig deeper on Reddit, you also find some courier are making excellent money by delivering for DoorDash.

For example, in another Reddit thread, one DoorDash courier shares how they made almost $1,700 in a single week with DoorDash!

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (5)

This took 64 dashes and 56.4 hours, bringing the hourly pay for that week to about $30 an hour.

So, it’s clear thay how much you make a week doing DoorDash varies depending on the hours you put in, your market, and of course things like peak pay or new driver promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering how much can you make with DoorDash per week or if this side hustle is right for you, this list of commonly asked questions might be able to help!

How Much Can You Make Doing DoorDash 40 Hours A Week?

If you DoorDash 40 hours a week, you can make about $920 according to DoorDash’s average pay data. However, your market, any tips you earn, driver promotions, and your delivery speed all impact your weekly earnings.

On the low end, 40 hours would probably pay around $600. But if you got lucky and also found many high-paying orders, it’s possible to make $1,000 to $1,500 in 40 hours of Dashing.

This YouTube video from Dasher Nuggs shows a 40 hour week of DoorDash deliveries. He made $929.27 in 40 hours, spend $47 on gas, and netted about $880 in profit. This is in-line with DoorDash’s average earning numbers, which is a reassuring sign.

Of course, you can also hustle extra hard and Dash for more than 40 hours a week if you want to make even more. But make sure you get enough sleep as well while hustling.

How Much Can You Make on DoorDash in a Day?

You can hustle for 8 straight hours and make close to $200 in a day with DoorDash in many markets. However, there are going to be some costs associated with that.

First, you have to pay for gas with DoorDash. Most users said that it costs them around $30-$40 to cover a long day of driving.

Second, you’ll be sacrificing your free time, social life, and relationship time (if that’s something that concerns you).

Third… taxes. Saw that one coming, didn’t you!

Finally, wear and tear on any vehicle is a real thing and shouldn’t be taken too lightly. There will be repair expenses down the road if you drive that many hours.

Of course, if you only hustle after work a few hours, you’re probably looking at making $50 to $100 per day with DoorDash.

Our post on how much you can make with DoorDash a day covers more data on this subject if you’re curious!

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Can You Make a Living Off Doordash?

While DoorDash can definitely help pay off some hefty expenses, I don’t think it’s a full-time income source for most people. Yes, there are people out there who probably are making a living off Doordash. However, these are definitely outliers from the average earners.

DoorDash alone might not be efficient enough to maximize your earning potential with a gig economy app.

(Video) How Much DoorDash Drivers Make In 2022? | DoorDash Driver Pay

Plus, many full-time gig workers actually combine multiple delivery services such as Postmates, Grubhub, Instacart, and Uber Eats.

The reason many couriers use multiple apps is to get the most order requests possible so they can be more selective and only deliver higher-paying orders.

Plus, some apps simply pay better than others at different times…you might find delivering groceries with Instacart on weekends in your city pays more than DoorDash or Postmates.

In any case, even with multiple delivery apps, you also have to factor in your monthly cost of living and your income goals.

If you live alone and are relatively frugal, you might be able to do DoorDash full time, or at least use a mix of gig economy apps.

I also suggest watching this video from YouTuber Nuggs, who works for DoorDash full-time.

Nuggs used to work at a Wendy’s but decided to switch to DoorDash full-time because it paid more than his other job.

Nuggs also lives in a town in Ohio where the median annual salary is around $23,000, so making $15 to $20 per hour doing DoorDash can pay for a comfortable life.

So, in short, deciding if you can do DoorDash full-time really depends on your income goals, where you live, and how many hours you’re willing to work.

But, if you want to make $5,000 a month or more or have a large family to support, this is more difficult.

In any case, I thinkmaking a living off DoorDash would require high hourly wages and 40 to 50 hour work weeks to stay afloat.

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How To Make $1,000 A Week With DoorDash

So, if you want to learn how to make $1,000 per week with DoorDash, my first tip is to once again read our post on various DoorDash driver tips to optimize your hourly earnings.

But, some quick tips to keep in mind include:

  • Working the best DoorDash times (lunch, dinner, and late-night weekend rushes)
  • Trying to work during peak pay
  • Doubling-up on other delivery apps like Amazon Flex, Instacart and Cornershop
  • Working on your customer service to land more tips
  • Aiming for $1 per mile you drive and declining cheaper orders
  • Use apps like Para to track your income and get tip estimates so you know how much orders are paying
  • Learning what restaurants in your area are worth it or are always skippable
How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (6)

Peak pay is really a major one here. If you want to make $1,000 a week with DoorDash, you need to deliver during the busiest times to try and get peak pay on your orders.

Working for tips is also important, so be friendly and text the customer with updates on the delivery status if there are delays.

And, finally, be prepared to work quite a bit!

If you can get up to $20 per hour with DoorDash, you can make $1,000 a week by working 50 hours; so feasible, just busy! You can also read our post on how to make $500 a week with DoorDash for a slightly easier income goal.

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Is DoorDash Good Money?

Having driven for DoorDash myself and speaking to tons of people who have done it as well, I would say… Yes, DoorDash is good money.

You get to work on your own schedule and get paid higher than minimum wage in most places. Of course, driving comes with expenses, but the profit is still worth it.

You likely won’t make a full-time living off it, but it can help pay off your rent, groceries, or even just a few beers for the weekend.

(Video) Is Driving For DoorDash Worth It? (2023)

Our friend Grant drives for DoorDash and Uber Eats in downtown Toronto as an example, and he can regularly earn $15 to $20+ per hour.

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash? (2023) - Real Earnings (7)

Grant’s a full-time developer, so apps like DoorDash are just a fun way to get some exercise and earn extra cash on the side.

So, I think DoorDash is good money, but again, this depends on your income goals and what you’re comparing the weekly pay to.

But, after reviewing hundreds of ways to make money online and in person, I think gig economy apps like DoorDash still reign supreme for the average side hustler.

Plus, it can be used as an excellent part-time job after work or in between shifts!

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How Much Does DoorDash Pay Per Delivery?

DoorDash pays $23 per hour on average, and you can likely complete three to four orders per hour in a decent market. This means DoorDash pays around $6 to $7 per delivery. However, factors like delivery distance, tips, peak pay, and your market all influence earnings.

It’s actually very difficult to know how much DoorDash pays driver per order. But many orders fall in the $5 to $8 range in my experience based on base pay and tips.

How Much Can You Make Doing DoorDash Part-Time?

Part-time DoorDash income is about $400 to $500 a week if you deliver for 20 hours per week. This is based on DoorDash’s average hourly pay of $23. If you only work 1-2 hours per day, you can probably earn about $200 to $300 a week doing DoorDash part-time.

Final Thoughts

After doing extensive research and gathering other outside resources, it’s fair to say that you can make at least $300-$400 a week with DoorDash if you do it part-time. If you work 40 hours, you’re probably making about $900 a week.

If you’re looking for a flexible, fun side hustle and you don’t want to work too many hours, then definitely consider giving Doordash a try.

If you’re already a Doordash driver and want to increase your revenue, understand that it all really boils down to where you live and how many hours you work.

I can’t stress that enough! Location and optimizing your driving really matter when it comes to gig economy apps.

Experienced drivers who work a lot can make $1,000 a week with DoorDash or more. But, for the average driver, I’d expect some extra beermoney or a few hundred dollars per month with this side gig!

And remember: you can always mix in other gig apps like Uber Eats and Instacart to get as many deliveries as possible!

Good luck driving out there and don’t forget to account for expenses.

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Daniel Friedman

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